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Casa 12: Sus Misterios y Regalos




If we look at Astrology from the eyes of the soul, the 12th House is one of the most important spaces to understand where we come from, what experiences we had in other lives, what we delivered, what we learned, where we overstepped and, given this, what opens before us in this incarnation as a gift that must be guided so that it becomes that: a true treasure that we bring for our Life and that of those around us.

Because it is an area of ​​the Astral Chart that is difficult to understand in the first studies, because at the same time it is very rich to accept various factors of our existence, as well as to activate understandings and tools in ourselves and in our consultants in the readings ; We decided to do this workshop which consists of eight sessions.

We will address their dynamics and senses, also how the planets move in this House and what happens with each sign in 12. 

Is prior knowledge required? Yes. That is to say, that you handle the basic concepts of Astrology: Houses, Signs, Nodes, Planets, Aspects . All this will be taken for granted. 

Each meeting lasts two and a quarter hours. The first students will attend the workshop “live” via zoom, during October and November 2021; but you can also take it with the classes already recorded whenever you want. After your registration (in either of the two modalities live or “packaged”), the classes will be available for eight months in videos and you can download the PDFs of each class. At the beginning there will be an introductory video that will explain the dynamics of the workshop and the page itself.

The complete workshop is worth $ 120,000 (USD 165 approx) that you can pay via Webpay with credit or debit, or Paypal.

We wait for you from our House 12 and then an explanatory video. A hug! 


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